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Before shooting women for his sites, James likes to meet the models and see what they are into so he can make sure he can put them in the types of scenes that they enjoy.Once the women are naked they seem to devise a plan in order to get James' cock.They pretty much strip him naked and take advantage of him. Sex Art - Better Morning Linda Sweet And Maxmilian Dior - Better Morning As Linda Sweet is in the bathroom starting her daily ablutions, Maxmilian Dior comes up behind her to touch her lovingly, and it immediately becomes a “Better Morning” for them both.He massages the pretty redhead’s neck, then shifts focus to her perfect breasts.Linda turns to kiss her lover, and he lifts her long T-shirt and kneels to bury his face between her spread legs, and lap like crazy at her delicious, shaven pussy.When he brings his fingers into play too, driving them hard and deep inside the freckled cutie’s wetness, the pleasure makes her moan.Scenes are recorded and uploaded to be enjoyed after the show has ended so non-subscribers can watch.

Max starts with slow, measured strokes, but as he speeds up his thrusts and gropes Linda’s pert, jiggling breasts, she has to hold onto the sink for balance, staring at her own ecstatic expression in the mirror.A horny wife will get fulfilled one way or the other!James Deen - 3 Girl Casting Bambi, Sami Parker And Avi Love - 3 Girl Casting James Deen received applications from three models who wanted to work for him.He spins around and perches her on the edge of the sink so he can thrust in even harder, giving her an intense and very vocal orgasm and cumming deep inside her.As the passionate pair shower off together, it’s hard to imagine a “Better Morning” than this.

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  1. She chest-passes the ball to Harrison, who, wordlessly, begins to spin the ball on finger, making me wonder if maybe more people have this skill than I previously imagined. And if there’s another Sierra or Amber or Jessica in the cast, then the producers will hitch a last initial to her first name, like they do in my son’s pre-kindergarten class when there are too many Mas.

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