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"I'd never been so certain about anything in all my life." It was not uncommon for audiences to assume that Giger was sick, a kind of alien himself.Where, they wanted to know, did his terrifying imagery originate?Still, it represents a throughline from Hieronymous Bosch to the twisted videos of Chris Cunningham: futuristic, yet tapping into atavistic fears; revolting, yet erotic and seductive too. With his interpretation of the claustrophobic, nightmarish aspects of Giger’s art, Grof allows for a new, more profound understanding of the overall work.

Tastes change and perhaps Giger's ubiquity has blunted his shock factor.

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Pentru ca era nevoie de o zona libera pentru discutii dspre sex in Romania, fara ban-uri, fara moderatori, fara "sefi" si "subalterni" .

We hope that this title will honor his courageous and groundbreaking work exploring the darker recesses of the human psyche and be a testament to his enduring legacy as one of the most important visionary artists of the last century.

Giger crossed over the threshold last May, between the production and release of this book.

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