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And at that single moment I could not stop thinking about her body. After about a week she finally came on line to chat. B: I'm addicted to these chats now with you:) you know.

Little see through pattern, silky, mmmm, feels nice, a little ribbon right in the middle." Oh god, what it did to me. B: I haven't been able to get hold of you, thought something was wrong.

It'll just be a minute." She settles on the sofa, shrugs her shoulder.

We get into the living room, my computer laying on the table. Well this was mildly inappropriate but hey - not even knowing why - and without really realizing my sis would not know I even had had a girlfriend here. "I got to check on my sister and sat at the computer.

The night had all this energy, and she was into me right now and I took her to the house. What a weird feeling, I got a girl in my house and here is my sister, and in the worst way I want to chat with my sister. "Just a sec." I sat at the table looking at my sister ready to chat, and then glancing up at my girlfriend not girlfriend sitting across from me.

Not really girlfriend, but we had messed around a bit.

Oooops I spilled some." And she was laughing again.

B: I wouldn't lay you down and smear slippery oil over your body, run my hands all over you S: Ahhhhh, Fuck keep telling me B: I wouldn't sit on your ass while I massage your shoulders, or let my cock drop down between your legs. B: I wouldn't dip my fingers into your little lady cake, and spread you out all wet and sweaty. I'd call once in awhile and we emailed and sometimes we chatted. There is something about the computer that kicked up our intimacy. I let it happen, so did she, and besides I liked to drink a bit much which started in the afternoon, which left me drunk with her on the computer. I never thought of her in any kind of sexual way until one particular evening on the phone. We talked some more, but there was something odd about her.

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S: I would, haha if I weren't your widow sister B: Tell me about this guy, what you mean not what you expect.

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