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“I like looking at pictures of gays hugging and kissing and using their tongue…it makes me horny but I don’t want to have sex.” Seriously?Better yet, the end of that statement was left open like a question and he waited for me to say something. I said “Ok if you don’t want to then don’t…in anything you do in life you shouldn’t feel forced or obligated to do something.All of the galleries displayed on our site are hosted by websites that are not under our control.

Occasionally I break that rule…clowns and goths definitely start with a black mark against them.) but given the circumstances that was the response I went with. And I thought “Ok cool my answer was sufficient, he got to tell someone he was gay and they didn’t react negatively…it’s 3pm and fucking hot as hell out here so lets wrap this tour up.” We continued riding along (this conversation was had while riding on the motobike) he began talk some more.

I imagined his questions devolving until we reached “What is a power bottom? ” So we got back into a discussion about local things for about 6 or 7 km when Ronin starts fidgeting in front of me so I ask “What’s up?

” To which he responds “I am feeling horny and I have an erection.” I am not certain how Papuan society works but I would have figured in that situation a proper response would have been similar to in America like “Oh nothing.” or “My legs are getting tired/sore.” Something other than the actual problem.

I want to head back to the hotel.” Thankfully the remainder of the ride back into town was rather uneventful.

The only interesting thing he showed me was where the prostitutes lived.

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