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The i Web Saver site lets i Phone users cache Web apps locally, but the Sex App Shop takes the concept to a whole new level by including an app catalog, browsing and commerce.

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Even after it's announced, is it something worth writing about and wringing your hands over? Now we hearing rumors that the i Phone will have NFC. To be more specific, they should be designed to be dropped and NOT end up in shards.

So he wasn't surprised when Apple rejected his apps for being, well, misleading and confusing.

The front of the van was wrecked beyond recognition as the car rammed into it.

"Three persons, who died on the spot, include Danubhai Dodiya, 43, a resident of Gota and driver of the van, Surekha Shah, 63, and her son Hem, 23, residents of Ghatlodia.

There should be a special Web site where these logicians can write their own damn columns. If it wasn't for the outrageously insecure Apple fanboys reading everything they can about Apple products in a vain effort to justify their purchases, nobody would say anything bad about Apple.

It's also annoying to have a reader call me a troll that's dragging a net along the bottom of the ocean to haul in a lot of little fish. If they were like Broadway actors who prefer to ignore the reviews and simply not read them, then the review would have less impact and, in the case of tech reviews, might fade.

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"For instance, if you were doing a magic app that utilizes the home screen but is actually displaying a replica of the home screen, that would confuse a lot of humans," Sheraton said. To use these virtual apps, you go to a Web site on your i Phone and then use Safari to add a bookmark to your home screen.

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