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Tonight, Wyler is having his first local meet-and-greet at Rush.

And the Act also states that “if any damage is caused as a result of an offence committed, the person convicted of the offence shall be liable to an additional fine of ,000 and to imprisonment for three years”.Wilson was employed at the same local strip club where my housemate Savannah worked.I used to hang around the place to talk with him about music and vintage TV shows we both loved, particularly the aforementioned The album was recorded in the basement of his parents' house, and only a few hundred copies were pressed, many of them smashed over Wilson's head at shows.“We are urging other persons similarly affected to report to Fraud Squad to allow for a fuller investigation” she said.The Computer Misuse Act was passed in 2000 and provides for several offences where people can be prosecuted for unauthorized access, or interference with a computer or with any programme or data held in a computer.

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