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As a reputable criminal defense firm, Schaffer & Black, PC has more than 60 years of combined experience and is committed to aggressively representing the criminally accused.Regardless of what the case entails or how complex matters may seem, our clients are always treated with respect and compassion.Many believe an easily accessible, public Backpage assists law enforcement in catching traffickers.In reality, though, Backpage enables law enforcement to rescue only a handful of victims compared to the thousands they place on a public auction block each day.

At Schaffer & Black, PC, we have dedicated ourselves to putting your concerns at the forefront of every decision we make.

Shortly after the first plane hit, patrons in the salon began theorizing about the cause. While sound numbers of who, how many, and where are difficult to find, the carnage of this evil is leaking out of the shadows and into the headlines. Unlike an ounce of cocaine or an illegal weapon, a child can be sold repeatedly. Many assume sex trafficking is restricted to the darkest corners of the Internet. In 2010, after Craigslist ended their adult ad section in response to public pressure, Backpage’s adult ads and subsequent profit margins began to soar. Backpage has prevailed in state courts repeatedly on the grounds that the Communications Decency Act protects them from prosecution for the criminal wrongdoing of their customers.

Within minutes, we watched in horror as a second plane plunged into the Twin Towers.

With a thorough understanding of the charges you could be facing for a sex crime, we can prepare an aggressive defense for your case.

Facing charges for a sex offense puts much at stake, and you can trust that our Frederick criminal lawyers will fight tirelessly to see that your rights, future, and reputation are protected.

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