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In all the years I’ve been walking by, I have only seen this car park empty once, and that was when a divvy van pulled in.

The cruisers reversed out in a smoking hurry while the divvy van looped the car park like a great white shark.

The men are all kinds, too – young, old, business-suited, tracksuited. The busiest times are lunch and after dark – the narrow road becomes jammed.

In fact, not everyone can: beats exist uneasily, always imperilled by eruptions of community outrage. Yet what’s admirable about beats is how men – gay, bi and straight – have organised a way of meeting their rawest needs in such a civilised fashion. A code of conduct seems to exist, and is willingly obeyed.Men loiter in scrub that rings with the call of bellbirds.Close to the river are the bluestone remains of an ancient insane asylum.More often than not their courage went unrewarded, and they’d emerge moments later, baffled and tense.Their reappearance would not surprise me: the Darling Gardens toilet block is not, as far as some beats go, particularly well used.

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As a dutiful dog walker I have been an observer of the beat for a long time – long enough to know that observation makes cruisers nervous, although not so nervous as to abandon their quests.

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