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But as she explains it, a sex specialist is the ideal person to water your collie and walk your petunias.In addition to being an animal lover and a clean freak, her other profession makes her the last person who'd ever snoop through your belongings.Still, if she wants to pursue her passions — which is to say other people's passions — professional transience seems to be her best bet.

Among one's first, and more printable, questions for Bay Area resident Monika Thomas: How do you support yourself with a show that pays a scant for up to 25 hours of work each week? In a city that still draws artists, activists and other non-traditional wage earners — but that long ago ceased to be affordable for them — paying the rent is a creative act unto itself. For the past few years, the 31-year-old has house-sat her way through San Francisco without coughing up a dime. "Always change that dryer lint," she said recently at a client's small Western Addition studio, and it wasn't immediately clear whether this was a sex or housesitting reference. But Thomas says the best part of career homelessness is the window onto other people's lives."All those different beds, plus lugging all your stuff everywhere, starts to hurt your back," she said.What's more, she must live on the two pairs of shoes she can stand to carry.But I was talking in 30-second bursts about things that don't matter to me." Thomas quit her job in Alaska, did some traveling, then settled — sort of — in San Francisco.When she spotted a Craigslist ad in October looking for a female host of an erotic radio show, she felt the stars had aligned perfectly.

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"I like to think this is a way of recycling living space, of not having housing go to waste." The hot tubs don't hurt, she added.

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