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She has only seen pics of me, I'm too lazy to even have a webcam.But she is totally devoted to me and last night we had the best fucking skype wanking session ever.Any suggestions for sites that are like one day about a couple of months back and went and found myself a lovely emotionally vulnerable girl who is very shy and insecure and I am being a total scumbag by getting off to that.I have trained this 16year old (legal age in UK) virgin to call me Daddy, she wants to do anything to please me - and as you can imagine, I suggest some pretty perverted things.I launched a vicious campaign against her through Facebook and Twitter by adopting various handles. She almost got her ass beat by a couple of girls too.I tormented her so badly that she tried killing herself but ended up causing herself a miscarriage. last week,(won't disclose age) but she recently started out an incest relationship with her brother.She didn't want to send me a pic of her snatch because she had shaved it and hasn't really worked out how to do it well yet- and so she said the shaving was a bit bad and she was embarassed.

It should last all the year, ans maybe next year if i'm lucky ...which has a webcam i can access when i want, of course ...I could do it 3 times for now, but i plan to do it more as soon as i can because i have to do it when my wife is out and it doesn't happen so much ...But it turned out that online she can be pretty hot ...So i started speaking about sex and about masturbation and i managed to made her masturbate in front of her computer ...

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So we were alone on this chat, she was in her room, i was in mine, she didn't know she was speaking to me, and i started to talk about sex ...

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