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When they get naked, they kiss, caress the exquisite, well-toned body of their girlfriend, and find this most entertaining. She grabs a zucchini and starts to run her hands up and down its smooth, firm length, then sucks the end, slowly and sensuously.They giggle, laugh and finger-fuck their way to mutual excitement and happiness. Watch with intense pleasure as Miu and Kirra give each other multiple orgasms in this gorgeous erotic display of true super model experimental sex. The action – or is it simply her nasty imagination?– takes an even hornier turn as she heads to her living room couch with two zucchini.First, she teases herself with her hands, running them over and inside of her white, lace-trimmed top and blue-jean shorts.She changes position, kneeling doggy-style so she can take it even deeper, her cute toes pointing as her pleasure gets more intense.She cums but, still unsatisfied, sprawls back and pounds the zucchini into her pussy once again… Even this isn’t enough, so she slides the second zucchini into her pussy, double-penetrating herself.Max starts with slow, measured strokes, but as he speeds up his thrusts and gropes Linda’s pert, jiggling breasts, she has to hold onto the sink for balance, staring at her own ecstatic expression in the mirror.Linda drops to her knees, looking up at Max admiringly, and starts kissing his ball sac before trailing her tongue up the length of his swollen shaft and sliding several inches of it into her hungry mouth.

Elle works the thick, green shaft against her slit – it looks so huge next to her pink pussy but she’s wet enough that she’s able to take it.

Both are from the Czech Republic; they possess that delicate, classic quality that makes photographers instantly love them.

And they are good friends (with benefits) You see, Miu and Kirra really love to make each other cum. Elle Rose, petite and pretty with long, sun-kissed brunette hair, is in her kitchen, rustling up a fresh salad – but her hunger isn’t for food.

Max lifts Linda and slides her down onto his cock again; they kiss voraciously and Linda wraps her arms tightly around Max’s neck as he bounces her up and down on his driving shaft.

He spins around and perches her on the edge of the sink so he can thrust in even harder, giving her an intense and very vocal orgasm and cumming deep inside her.

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