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I don’t really follow these things except that somebody told me on the set [the other day], so I thought, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ If you go out with somebody who’s a public figure, you bought your ticket, you knew what you were getting into.”Richard Linklater’s film , the love letter to laissez-faire high-school students, launched his career in 1992.Now some say the recession-era classes of 2009 might devolve back into an “anything goes” attitude.Good thing it’s one of those TV tumors that come equipped with a Very Important Lesson. He’s kind of closed-off and keeps to himself, and we began to see his veneer crack as the cases go along.They began to get to him in these eerily reflective ways, and bring out issues about his own mortality,” says Goldberg.

“I’m in the rain, on the phone, in a suit, and smoking. Sitcom fans still recognize him as Chandler’s kooky short-term roommate, Eddie, whose pet was a floating Goldfish cracker in a fishbowl, and he was most recently in the chatty indie flick , provides some much-needed levity in an otherwise dreary TV season.Eli tells Tom he loves him and Tom, terrified, lashes out at him the next day and drives him away.The flashbacks end here on the day of Brett and Jackie's wedding.“It’s one of the nicest groups of people I’ve ever worked with, and probably the most laid-back. They make a rather curious group running around the subterranean city, which, although set in the present day, looks like a grimy, ‘70s-style New York and was part of what drew him to the show. I text people.” On the subject of Twitter, which has drawn Ashton Kutcher, Rainn Wilson, and others like moths to an immediately gratifying flame, Goldberg is a skeptic.“It has dark humor and a sprawling, Altman-esque quality to it, where things can be heavy and emotional one second and completely absurd the next, in an almost Joseph Heller-esque way.”In real life, he’s a fast-talker suited to the sprawling metropolis—even though in his eyes New York is “basically just this postcard on the other side of the river.” Because he lives and works in Brooklyn, he says, “I have this totally different experience, which is far more quiet, insulated—some might say hermetic.” Blaming his immersion on work, he says, “I rarely leave the apartment, so all my information comes to me under the door in the form of menus.”His relatively private persona extends online, where it’s unlikely you’ll find him tweeting about running out of cigarettes or having writer’s block. “It’s this desperate need to be heard, and this desperate need by others to live vicariously though people who desperately need to be heard.

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