Avast antivirus virus definition not updating

One common feature of major antivirus solutions is the automatic update of their virus definitions files, in order to make sure that the latest threats are quickly recognized and eliminated from your computer before they affect the system's functionality.

Avast security products make no exception and the antivirus software can perform signature updates even several times a day, ensuring a high detection rate and the application's reliability.

A manual update with Avast Virus Definitions VPS should only be performed if really needed, in case the Internet connection is down.

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A warning message is displayed when the AE Update process is terminated.

The reason for failure may be that the original mirrors, (as they were when Anti Virus package was compiled), are not up and running, or they have blacklisted your ip due to excessive failed attempts.

(The clamav mirror software can protect the mirrors from being overloaded by locking out problematic clients).

I've read many posts in this forum expressing frustration with the antivirus package, but not many recently - has anything changed? click on "Full scan".e) The application will attempt to update the virus definition BEFORE starting the full scan.

Hopefully, you should be able to see "virus definitions last updated on ..." reflecting a more recent date. I running DSM 5.0-4493 Update 5 on DS412 , and updated the Antivirus Essential package to version 1.3-2328 recently.

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