Avg slows computer down when updating validating identity on wireless connection

I didn't have this problem before the upgrade and also had been using AVG. I'm wondering if I have too many programs running with start up.There are a few that I could remove, but don't know how. Thanks''The problem is that it slows everything down so much, it takes a lot of time to open any sites or links.To do this right-click on the icon associated with the antivirus in the Windows Notification Area (bottom right portion of the screen) and view the Control Center or Properties of the scanner.For example, AVG users can adjust their scan settings by following the steps below.I booted my PC in safe mode and disabled the service via since disabling outside of safe mode threw "access denied".Now that the identity service is not running, my machine is running at a high level of performance again.When any program loads itself into memory, including an antivirus program, it will consume some of the total memory available to the computer.

My take on this is that you are trying to compute and run a system scan at the same time. Any anti-virus will, if it doesn't lock up altogether.You may also help this problem by increasing your RAM if is is under 512K.making it 512 or more may provide enough horsepower to do both computing and scanning at once.I wonder if anyone else has been having the same problem with notifications? I found that end though I had disabled Identity protection, was running according to windows task manager.It was consuming huge amounts of memory and I/O, and my PC was slow and would hang for two or three minutes or more at a time.

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Hi, I had my computer completely upgraded a few months ago, except for the hard drive, so it is basically new. When I start it in the morning, my AVG automatically starts running.

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