Britney spears dating sandip soparrkar

It was really cute.” Britney, who met Sandip at a party thrown by Madonna earlier this year, is spending the New Year back in LA. Her latest love is a far cry from her badboy exes, who include ex hubby Kevin Federline, Brit snapper Adnan Ghalib and Irish playboy Colin Farrell. That’s almost as dangerous to Britney as all those other “bad habits” she picked up from former loves.In contrast, the only bad habit clean-cut Sandy is passing on to Britney is a love of sugar. I mean we can all guess what kind of addictions K-Fed introduced her to, but we’re just guessing.

Britney Spears has dated some fast movers and now she’s been swept off her feet by another – a Bollywood dance instructor.

SHORT ROUND: Why do I have to wear this bracelet, Dr.

Britney Spears’ dad may be doing his best to keep a virtual chastity belt around her, but according to the Mirror, Britney’s now dating her choreographer.

He’s kind of rude, so I didn’t converse much with him.

Larry had said he wanted to fuel certain things about Britney and get promotion for the video which will soon be released in Asia and Australia.

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