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Rather than focusing on yourself, you will urge people to join in on the fun or just keep them company when they’re feeling down. Since being charismatic entails drawing the attention of others, you become more aware of how people perceive you and how you should act.This then becomes a cycle of drawing others’ attention and getting them to like being around you, which will draw in more positive energy and attention.Charisma is a powerful characteristic, especially when used in the right context.

There has always been an air of vagueness surrounding the idea of charisma. If you can honestly express yourself, your relationships will be better off for it. Aside from knowing when and how to express their feelings, they are also aware of how others feel. They just pay attention to know when to shut up, observe, and listen. Being expressive and sensitive isn’t all they’re good at; they also know when it’s okay to express themselves and how to react accordingly.[Read: 13 ways to be a more approachable person] #3 You’ll be more fun to be with.You’ll know how to make people feel good because you take the time to know what a person needs.But in a more personal context, how does charisma play into relationships?Is it as useful as it sounds, or is it just a characteristic reserved for extroverts?

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  1. Other times, parents just need a little ammunition to maintain a strong stance as they put their foot down on saying “no” to their teens in what can be an emotional situation.

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