Charity shea dating

is set to debut this summer, although without creator/executive producer/showrunner Stacy A.

Meanwhile, Sam’s business professor singles out his purple student and suggests that high grades from her ‘part of town’ are meaningless – she does not belong in his class.

Luckett will play Felicia Price, described in the press release as the icy and aloof founder and Senior Partner of Price Management, one of the most influential music management companies in the world.

Wayans will play David Berenger, April’s (Charity Shea’s) main foil at Price Management – a masterful sycophant, and a slick manager on the Atlanta music scene.

Meanwhile, just as things are heating up between Sam and Devon, she has to refuse a date offer as she has sorority obligations.

This lands Devon in the arms of a very available and understanding cheerleader, Shannon.

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