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The Chelsea Handler Show is an American sketch comedy series that aired on the E! The series starred Chelsea Handler and featured skits that mocked the entertainment industry, spoofed celebrities, television, the elderly, and herself. Then she gets a cooking lesson from Mary-Anne of Gilligan's Island.

The show originally ordered eight episodes which aired from April 21 to June 9 and was given an additional four episodes starting August 11 to create a 12-episode season. Chelsea decides to take a pole dancing class, finding out that it's not as easy as it looks.

star said on the air: “[Chelsea's] single now, too, so it’s like, you can’t keep up!

He had never molested me, but I wanted to have a party that weekend and needed him out of the house.” ― Chelsea Handler, “I rolled over and picked up Us Weekly magazine off the floor.

“At some point during almost every romantic comedy, the female lead suddenly trips and falls, stumbling helplessly over something ridiculous like a leaf, and then some Matthew Mc Conaughey type either whips around the corner just in the nick of time to save her or is clumsily pulled down along with her. It's a pain you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy; you wouldn't want to pass it on to anyone else for fear he or she might not be able to bear it.

That event predictably leads to the magical moment of their first kiss. It's the pain of being betrayed by a person with whom you've fallen in love.

That's just a chance you have to take.” ― Chelsea Handler, “Our relationship finally ended when he took to waking me up in the wee hours of the morning when he would go surfing. This happens to be something that I have a real problem with: homeless people with pets who approach you for food when they have a perfectly delicious dog standing right there?

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to a bar in New Orleans last night ...

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