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If you know only shell well, choose those that generate shell scripts to accomplish tasks on remote nodes.Often modification of existing RPMs is simpler then playing with the level of complexity Puppet designers enforce on you, unless you are a Ruby the number of servers does not matter, as even error on one is very costly and they tend to be non-uniform.In this case, if you seriously screw something up you need iether to drive more then a hundred miles, or fly to fix the mess.The typical way Unix administrators think about Unix configuration problems is in terms of directories trees with changed files or attributes (such as /etc) and OS with packages installed, updated or de-installed.And to manipulate changes in /etc and similar directories he typically use such tools as PDSH, C3 Tools, rsync, Midnight Commander (which allow you to compare two directories and work with RPMs), tar (creating tarball with changes distributing it to servers and then untarring it) and custom RPMs (via private repositories and remote execution of yum command).

But they can be used for integration of custom scripts too.

This failure of Puppet books to provide useful information in an engaging (as in not extremely boring) way suggest one thing: the king can be naked.

My impression is that designers of Puppet were trying to create Unix configuration management system, but ended with a monitoring system with some Unix configuration system functionality.

Somewhat similar to HP Open View, but better designed and more programmable.

In other words they accomplished things that value almost nothing in daily sysadmin workload and skipped tasks that have a real value.

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