Colorblind dating

Interracial dating has become very difficult in this modern age, where more people are focused on their career and professional lives.Life has become so fast-paced that it is difficult to find the time to stop and smell the roses and experience a real interracial romance.Saying goodnight to your date can cause a lot of anxiety because there is always that “what if” factor.Your mind tends to go in overdrive with questions and there is just one thing you should remember – they’re thinking the same thing.On my good first dates, we talked about things such as what we went to school for, our current jobs, where we see ourselves in the years to comes, hobbies, etc.

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The location of a first date needs to be a place that allows for conversation. You want to get to know the person that you may have a possible connection with and that’s hard to do when you are both starring at a movie screen.

One of my favorite first dates took place in a very cliché coffee shop.

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Posted By Jade Gonzalez on Apr 30, 2014 | I think we can all agree that first dates will always have a certain level of awkwardness.

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A lot of things can play a factor in how uncomfortable or how relaxed a first date can be.

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