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This was also the birth year of musician Joe Strummer, from The Clash, and actor Laurence Tureaud, better known as Mr T, who is also celebrating his 60th birthdays this year.

Whilst they wouldn't have been making the news just yet some historical events that may appear in archived Telegraph newspapers include: Born in 1952?The circulation practically doubled in just one day on 1st December 1930, due to the reduction in price from two pence to one penny.The newspaper also gained the 100,000 readers of the Morning Post, when the newspapers merged in 1937.1st Baron Burnham was later described by Viscount Camrose as the 'originator of morning journalism'.He was succeeded as proprietor by his son Harry Lawson Webster Levy-Lawson, who inherited the title 2nd Baron Burnham upon the death of his father in 1916.

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Interesting events likely to be covered in an old Telegraph 50th birthday newspaper from this year include: The Daily Telegraph is part of the Telegraph Media Group and is owned by identical twin brothers, Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay.

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  1. We come up with increasingly baroque reasons why we have been uniquely disadvantaged – we’re too “beta”, for example, for the notoriously “hypergamous” women.