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After the episode's second one-lunch peace summit, their issues disappear, which is probably why producers had put off their storyline for so long and never tried to build it too much.There’s just wasn’t a well of vitriolic drama to drill.Watching it just leaves a gross taste in the mouth.(On the positive side, MTV did end the segment with a PSA about the mental health support website Halfof ) But the Bad Blood, Orlana and Jordan turns out to be incredibly easy to get past.After more club grinding, the pair snuggles on the couch and Mike shares his reoccurring dream of being terrorized by a witch (subconscious issues with women much, bro? It explains why the cast’s nights out seem so repetitive. Outside of time spent in parks, there have been three total outings that would qualify as exploring Seattle: watching Fourth of July fireworks from a boat on Lake Union, making a fire on Alki Beach, and visiting Woodland Park Zoo. How have they not had a meal at Sky City, the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle? Let’s just play pretend.) Seattle Monorail – I just have a feeling that the MTV producers could use their manipulative editing prowess to somehow turn a dull trip on the monorail into a fun and exciting adventure for the cast in a spit-shinning way that would make Lyle Lanley proud. Sure, your cousin Kassius is a garbage person, but he alone didn’t keep you from being a pro athlete.Heck, they haven’t even trekked to Seattle Center to take selfies with the landmark towering in the background. No one’s gone to Pike Place Market and seen fish being thrown around? Atlantic Crossing – There’s got to be at least one soccer fan watching English Premiere League games that can get to the bottom of this nonsense about the authenticity of Tyara’s accent. - Seriously, who spends months living on Captiol Hill and never goes to a concert? Fremont Troll – Because we must save Jordan from Mike by finding him a more fitting spiritual soul mate.Meanwhile, the episode builds up Jenn’s odd relationship with her boyfriend back home.

The graphic was made to look like a switchblade, which would be fine, but for some reason every time it popped up they added in sharpening knife sound effect. That fact becomes more evident with each passing week.In a “this is beyond a deus ex machina coincidence, MTV producers” moment, Anna happens to have her ear against the bookshelf and listens in on this conversation.Anna enters, and a yelling match between her and Peter ensues.While having lunch with Jenn and Kim, Orlana shares the story about how she once attempted suicide.Subsequently, Jordan wasn’t overly warm and empathetic when her friend shared the news of this low point.

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While dancing at 95 Slide, one of their favorite songs from high school comes on and they begin dancing.

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