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All girls are attracted to confident guys with high social status – remember that.This is because they feel safe in their presence and like it when guys make up their own minds about things.So, are you ready to learn how to attract a girl who already has a boyfriend? So, what you have to do instead is use the right emotions to make her feel happy whenever she is around you.Once she realizes how much happier she is in your presence compared to when she is with her boyfriend, she will start wondering why she is with the guy she is currently with in the first place.On the other hand, however, if a girl decides to hang out with you a lot despite having a boyfriend, that would be a surefire sign that she isn’t with her current relationship.

Fractionation is one of the six “forbidden patterns” (alongside the infamous October Man Sequence) which is said to bestow any man the ultimate “seduction superpowers”.If you want to learn how to win a girls heart who has a boyfriend subtly, you have to get the girl to talk to you about her current relationship.Once you do this, she is sure to mention some of her boyfriend’s shortcomings.During this step, you will have to look at yourself and ask yourself why you want to attract a girl who already has a boyfriend to begin with.You will also have to ask yourself how to get her to like you and why she should leave her current boyfriend for you.

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Essentially, the most powerful method would still be to use her emotions and take control of it, though, so make sure you use her emotions while following all of the steps mentioned above.

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