Dating and flirting tips for women

The less accessible, the less you’ll be approached.

Recognising accessibility is also a very powerful “man-thing”.

Flirting is about being noticed and that means being noticeable. When people (and animals) are scared and timid they freeze. In short, you’re a poor opportunity for his time and efforts.

There are six (6) sensible things that really make a person, especially a woman, “stand out” these are: Move! The single biggest mistake that women make if they want to be approached is to appear difficult to approach.

Let’s be absolutely clear – no guy wants to try and “pick you up” while a group of your scornful (they weren’t approached) girlfriends watch him do his stuff.

There’s a really stupid line from one of the Spice Girl’s first songs “Wannabe” – it goes, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever (for) friendship never ends,” Well that is fine if you’re a 14 year old girl-power comic reader but if you want to meet a man then it is very bad advice.

Quite often your first flirting signal won’t be enough. You’ll be better off investing your interest elsewhere.

One final thought in defense of the guys is this: Girls tease and practice where as most guys are for real.

If you want to see which men are “looking”, then watch out for the guy who is “scanning” the place.Girls that reject a guy often go up in the estimation of their friends (they have high standards) whereas a guy that fails always goes down in the estimation of his friends (loser). He’ll probably move slowly and look for reassurance from you.Guys have learnt that even if all the signals are “right” they can still be rejected. At any time he can turn away and bypass you if he feels that the “vibe” isn’t right. If you’re with friends then they’ll have noticed your “play” and if he turns away then you lose.If you’re at a Goth party and you’re dressed as a W. There’s been a lot of flirting psychobabble written about why this is by people who probably don’t get out enough but it is true.At a very basic level, men are programmed to look for naked skin – generally the more the better. You’ve made eye contact with that guy who’s “scanning” and who you’d like to approach you. So now you have to repeat your “look” so that he gets the message that he’s not in fantasy land.

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