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Thanks for your latest reply..does help a bit, except that my guy lives in the Czech Republic. I was just wondering what kind of generalized things to expect (like your example of being romantics.) I appreciate comments up to this point.

These things work the same in the Czech Republic as they do in the States.

Especially when most Czech men think thats waste of money.

In case you find that a bit over the top, perhaps you can cook dinner for your partner. I am sure that all of you can come up with some original ideas. I'm a Czech female living in the United States, married to an American.

In general, I think that Czechs tend to be pretty open minded, so I wouldn't worry too much about topics to avoid.

Come to think of it, one "no-no" - at least in my opinion - is to date several people at the same time (which I admit does happen on Sex and the City ) and turn dating into some kind of a one-woman/guy-a-week project.

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