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Almost all of us experience depression at some point.Maybe work sucks; maybe you're watching all your friends get married while your own dating life is a nightmare; maybe you're so stressed at school that nothing feels right.The more I isolated myself, the more dependent I became on the relationship for everything — not just love. Any time I said the wrong thing, it felt like everything would fall apart.The stress would sit in my stomach like a bomb, and when things exploded, I thought, "Here it is." Sometimes, I wished I could be in a normal relationship, arguing about dirty dishes or some other trivial thing.After dating a depressed partner for a while, I had a hard time even remembering what a normal relationship was like. And somehow, I was still asking myself, "How did I become depressed?

All you can do is be patient, supportive and wait for them to get help — or get fed up and break up.

I got used to making up excuses about where he was whenever I was alone at a party.

In the rare case that he did come, I'd arrive late and leave early. "Can't you support me when I'm sad, instead of the opposite?

This isn't everyone who's dated a depressed person's story — but this is mine.

When dating my depressed ex, I was forever heading to museums alone, standing awkwardly in the back of concerts by myself, or missing movies and parties because he didn't want to go and I didn't always want to go alone.

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Neglecting myself to focus on him left me bubbling with resentment. My doctor asked me what I was using for protection.

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