Dating exclusively but not in a relationship

MANILA - "Basta exclusive kami sa isa't isa," Daniel Padilla said, with certainty in his voice.Without so much as a glance at his onscreen partner, he calmed rumors that he and Kathryn Bernardo became a couple while filming their upcoming movie in Barcelona last month.It also probably means there’s an expectation that someday we’re going to take things to the next level – like moving in together or even getting married.Deciding if I want to share my life with someone takes me way more than a handful of dates.

" I asked a friend who had recently broached the exclusivity threshold with his consistent hookup.

What’s wrong with dating exclusively for a while and getting to know one another before slapping that girlfriend label across my ass?

As a single parent in my 30s, I don’t feel I can be as carefree about falling in love or getting into a relationship as I was in my teens and twenties.

Recently a man I’d been dating asked me to be his girlfriend, and at the time I had to say no. As awkward as the conversation was to have, I explained to him my current fears about labels and seriously serious commitments.

I told him how I felt about him and reassured him that I was dating him exclusively, but I was also honest about the fact that I needed more time to get to know him before I was going to be comfortable enough to enter into a full-blown relationship.

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I no longer wanted to be alone, and found myself wanting something more serious than my usual flings, but just because I was ready to seriously date didn’t mean I was ready for a serious relationship. To me, seriously dating someone means I’m not sleeping, making out with, or seeing anyone else.

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