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Founded in 2010 by Julie Staley, Old South Studios has grown into a multi-photographer studio with a commercial location in Ballantyne just south of Charlotte, NC.We pride ourselves on a classic photography style with a flair for dramatic lighting.She likely grew up in the South and values friends, family and fun (and some good football) above all else.Oh, and she is busy planning a beautiful, super fun, dance-floor-rocking wedding too!Our Associate Photographers are available for weddings in North and South Carolina.So whether you are planning a wedding in the Carolinas or a destination wedding somewhere tropical, we would love to tell your story. We believe in love stories, family, beautiful beginnings and happily ever afters.She is kind, family-oriented, confident, goal-oriented, surrounds herself with positive people, loves her girlfriends to pieces and wants a marriage as beautiful as the one her parents modeled for her.

Consider where you spend a lot of time together and which places hold special significance to your relationship.Just think about the way you feel when you look back at your engagement and wedding photos.Isn’t it wonderful how all of those feelings of love come flooding back?We are big fans of “real color” in our imagery and strive to tell the story of a wedding day in bold, vibrant colors.We want to create images your children’s children will cherish that are rich in color, detail and heartfelt emotion.

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The best props are typically the ones that help you interact together or that have special meaning to your relationship. So if you enjoy biking together, bring along your bikes!

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