Dating with chronic illness

” In her case, she was, but clearly not everyone is.

Or, if they are willing to take the leap, find it too difficult later.

And then there are people like the person in the forum who wrote, “No, no, and no!!

” and explained that she doesn’t want anyone to interfere with her active life.

Butler has been dating an HIV-negative woman for three months now, though he thinks dating someone with HIV would be simpler. Good.’”Butler’s on a combination of medications that produce side effects no worse than occasional gas, though they cost him around ,000 a month.

He’s been on many HIV dating sites in hopes to avoid the nuisances of dating an HIV negative person, namely disclosure and condoms.“Most of us HIV positive people know the online dating drill completely,” said Butler, who owns a small business. For him, the stigma of the illness hurts the most, which has kept him from approaching as many dating prospects as he used to.

The question of when to share the illness with a prospective partner fills online forums, videos, articles, blogs, conferences, and discussions.

But that’s not always the case, which is why the question of disclosure remains a hot topic in the chronically ill community.

Freelance writer Sascha Rothchild, in an article on, considered the question of whether she’d date a chronically ill person.

She wrote, “Was I really willing to step into a relationship with someone with health issues when love is hard enough healthy?

Having spent a good portion of the last 10 years in a Las Vegas hospital bed, Pierce didn’t even want to entertain the thought of dating. He never backed out.“I never thought someone would marry me with my conditions,” 26-year-old Pierce recently wrote in a Facebook status. Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis—chronic inflammatory conditions that affect the gastrointestinal and digestive tracts and include complications ranging from abdominal cramps to malnutrition.

Besides, if he was anything like other guys she had pursued, she didn’t think he’d be able to handle it. For Pierce, the most extreme cases were when the doctor told her parents she wouldn’t make it through the night, either because she had stopped breathing or was dangerously anemic, weighing in at 63 pounds.

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