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As noted above, the individual with ROCD is often extremely distressed about the harm they are causing their partner, often to the point of believing that they are ruining their partner’s life by staying involved with them despite their doubts.

This fear of causing emotional harm to one’s partner is quite similar to the harming obsessions commonly seen in Harm OCD.

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Even the most compassionate and understanding partner may struggle with repeatedly hearing all the ways that the person they love doubts their feelings for them.Compulsions in OCD generally fall into one of four categories: As noted above, compulsions in ROCD and other Pure O variants of OCD often occur entirely in the mind of the sufferer, and are usually less overt than hand washing or door checking.That said, there are often some outwardly apparent compulsions that involve checking, as well as countless avoidant, reassurance-seeking and mental compulsions. Needless to say, the obsessions and compulsions experienced by those with ROCD can take a devastating toll on both the sufferer and their partner.Likewise, these concerns of causing harm often lead the sufferer to experience obsessions quite similar to those experienced by those suffering with Moral Scrupulosity.For example, the individual with ROCD may obsess about being a morally bad person for staying with a partner when they are experiencing doubts.

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