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I always felt like there was some difference in the dynamic of pick up between different countrys.

Most of the pick up videos out there are made in the US and it seemed to me not totally different but different to a significant scratch from picking up girls in germany.

So I signed up for a moderately testing swim, the Hellespont, which is the Turkish waterway that connects Europe with Asia. I mean of course you can blag it - we're all blaggers these days - but if you have some knowledge of the rules and the characters and the current crop of stories that are swirling around the back-pages, then it will... Went along to a rugby international earlier this year at Murrayfield. If you're a single woman who is not having any luck meeting men, then it probably means that you're not looking in the right place. You have to let it be known that you will pay, say, a case of Bollinger Champagne to the person who provides you with the next boyfriend. The general drill is that you start off at about 9am, run for about 30 miles, and then bed down for the night in some chilly school hall. And when I started running these ultras, I realised that the women runners are outnumbered by the men by at least ten to one. In future, don't moan to your friends about being single. Your friends and family are the people who are most likely to know of a single guy who is going to be on a level with you. All you need to do is start rattling the swill-drum. All across the UK, there is a complete epidemic of these long runs. And then there are the actual ultra-runners themselves, who, though they are invariably lean and sinewy, do tend to be slightly... Then, come hell or high water, she was going to get chatted up. But I'd certainly remember all about them if I'd been offered enough of a reward. I ran a couple of races, the Druid and the Pilgrim. First of all you've got to (quite) like running for extremely long distances.

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Finally – if there are any German guys out there reading this – what do YOU think are the major differences between picking up women in Germany and picking up elsewhere. Hi, I am from germany and what you say makes a lot of sense.

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