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In an ideal world, where would you and Stephen like to be in 10 years? I pride myself on never settling—I could have done it at many different points in my life. If you have faith, everything will come in due time. I can remember sitting on a plane three months before I met Stephen face-to-face, crying on my father’s shoulder saying, “I’m gonna be single forever. I had the opportunity to marry Jesse for a few hundred thousand dollars. People settle too quickly in fear of getting too old and in fear of letting life passing them by. It’s never going to happen for me.” I got off the plane and had a voicemail from Stephen and spent half an hour talking to him. They would like the happy ending, but that’s not what it’s about for them. All I had was crazy people calling and booking appointments and lying and saying that they wanted to see houses when really they just wanted to hang out with me for the day. One person, I had to threaten with a restraining order because they wouldn’t stop coming to my office, they wouldn’t stop sending emails, and flowers and candy and leaving voicemails. People were mailing hateful letters because I chose Jesse and not Jason and they didn’t like that. No one likes to go on blogs and read nasty things about themselves or read how fat they look in one dress.No one fully prepares you for that part of the show.Has that died down at this point or do you still feel like isn’t normal?The best advice I got was from Trista and Ryan and they said, “Try to live a normal life.” Unfortunately, that didn’t work with Jesse.

They’re both just so wonderful and come from such a great family. For the last year of our single lives, Stephen and I decided to move in with Michael. I also look forward to having so many family members, and friends, and people that we love in one room just filled with happiness. It was good to see him have an open heart and open mind, especially knowing who Brad was before. When the couples come on and act like everything is honky dory and it’s all roses and butterflies—it’s not.It was especially emotional because rather than leave it at “my dad died”, they actually let Jeremy go on about how his father used to be his baseball coach.That gives the viewer the impression that Jeremy’s dad was up there inspiring him during the home run hitting contest so that he hits six or four more than any other guy.You really have to take the time to get to know that person. I mean, who really takes a helicopter to a rooftop dinner? People get caught up in that for the two hours it’s airing. And the same for me—I would love to have a hosting job that I just love. And that’s it—Stephen, the family, and the heaven above. What piece of advice would you most like to pass on to single women?I think it’s easy to invest the time in the contestants on the show and get to know the bachelor and bachelorette, and then root for someone to “win” in the end. My biggest advice to single men and women is to be honest and be yourself and never settle.

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