Divorce dating again

So instead of wallowing in misery and self-recrimination, try and focus on the positive.

Jeff had been her high school sweetheart and somehow she'd envisaged they'd always be together.

And if you don't get introduced to somebody you like, don't hesitate to take the initiative. It's better than wondering about what might-have-been and doing nothing about it.

Asking someone out on a date is simply about plucking up the courage to make the first move. And if you don't think you have what it takes to approach a woman (or a man) and ask them out then choose the Internet for the anonymity and variety it offers. You might really enjoy just chatting and maybe even flirting online with people without getting in over your head.

If you are emotionally vulnerable you are likely to cause further turmoil in your life and are at the risk of attracting partners who may exploit you.

Even if you do find a suitable partner when you are not over your ex, you are probably going to end up hurting both them and yourself.

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