Do leonard and penny dating in real life

Leonard interrupts them heading out to have dinner with Penny.Penny is glad that he asked her out and that they should take their relationship slow.The story and concept of the episode was written by series co-creator Chuck Lorre and writers Steven Molaro and Eric Kaplan.

It is then discovered the whole thing was a dream, as Raj wakes up screaming.

Leonard said that she should not get mad at the bug reports.

She goes to find a low heel pair of shoes that did not make him feel like he was out walking with his mommy.

Leonard returns to his apartment interrupting Fun with Flags, take 47. Penny gives him a bug report that more thought should be put into dates.

Back at Leonard's apartment, the gang is watching Doctor Who. Leonard stops her and presents her with a long list of her faults in a bug report. Amy is baffled by what Leonard could put in the list about Penny’s faults.

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Meanwhile, Raj has purchased the i Phone 4S and quickly finds himself enjoying using the personal assistant "Siri", soon becoming quite attached to "Siri" with Howard figuring that she will break his heart.

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