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“Medicine is going to change a lot and Humanitas University will be the guide for the upcoming doctors, nurses, physiotherapists generations.

Here is the mission of delivering an always up-to-date Education for an ethic and human profession in as much Human Hospital”.

Humanitas University offers advanced postgraduate courses for physicians who want to train or increase their knowledge of a specific technique or subject."Excellence in Research Track" available upon selection starting from the 3rd year.3-year-degree course, taught in Italian, with clerkships from the 1 year.At Humanitas University, the real protagonist is the student, who from the very first day is at the centre of the learning process, based on active teaching methods eliminating the boundary between theory and practice.3-year-degree course, taught in Italian, with clerkships from the 1 year.The program is coordinated by Alberto Mantovani and aims to provide training in various fields of life sciences and molecular medicine offering access to state-of-the-art technology and clinical case lists for translational studies.The Master in Biliopancreatic Endoscopy, taught in English, provides with medical and instrumental knowledge for proper use of the new Endoscopic equipment, the EUS of the pancreas and biliary tract and ERCP.

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