Error while updating the database dayzchernarus

[Fixed] - Tripwire Traps should now work correctly.

Added, Journal Kills will only update during the session on confirmed Kills (study dead body).

Added, Wooden Fences can now be built again, Destruction only by explosives (c4, Explosive arrows).

Added, Lock build action this will stop buildings being upgraded beyond what the player needs.

These Changes will only effect development builds and will be removed during stable builds while we continue to get everything working. (Development Builds Only) [Updated] - Moved working values for food & drink outside the loop for the gate breakin system.

(Development Builds only) [Fixed] - Updated Fences, Owners of fences will only be able to snap to other fence panels they own.

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[Fixed] - Using the DSh KM on the offroad no longer turns on the engine [Fixed] - Antibiotics can now be given to remote players [Fixed] - Temp solution to the missing magazines sync issue.

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