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Trains can be cheap, but are often heavily booked 3 to 5 days in advance.

Things don't always get cheaper the nearer to travelling on trains, but as you would expect, flights can get expensive around holiday season, such as Spring Festival (Feb 3rd 2011 this year.) You need a visa to get into China, L tourist visa, Z/X/F work visa.

Very few people will approach you just to strike up a conversation, you need to understand they are more quiet and refined in general. 5) Air Asia fly to many places outwith China, cheaply, if you book in advance.

Internally, flying can range from cheap to expensive.

3) I found the expat community full of many American males, who were absolute first class pricks.

There were many nicer females of all nationalities; you will find that many males have 'yellow fever', and are obsessed with either their Chinese girlfriend/wife, or are teaching English in a lowlevel job and are content to just chase as many Chinese girls into bed as possible. The 'nicer' expat district is dotted about Beijing; avoid CBD (central business district) as this is a busy location, with very high pollution levels, and expensive property to rent/buy.

You may wish to avoid Indonesia's earthquakes at the minute, or anywhere with an increased threat of bombing, but overall you'll be ok.

For places like Thailand, you fill out a visa application on arrival in the country, should you go there, so you're British passport means you are treated as you would normally be, as if you were travelling to that country straight from Britain. 8) You can get a Chinese brand TV relatively cheaply.

For accommodation and other advice you really need a Chinese friend, and you don't have any I'm guessing. Download or buy Pimsleur Mandarin and learn some of it. The local community may speak some English, as youngsters are taught it impeccably in school, but Chinese culture is more shy and retiring.Take items with you instead, such as cameras, iphone/ipods, mobile phones, etc. Haidian is nicer, but the polloution and noise can be high everywhere.Construction work is common in some areas, particularly CBD, although this has slowed with the advent of the recession finding its way to China from the Western limitations on domestic throw-away spending. Live nearby..too nearby, but a few stops subway/bus. Chinesey accommodation could mean in a very quiet area with a wide age demgraphic of inhabitants, which usually means slightly lower standard accommodation, both outside and inside.Check out where the office will be, and if you need help, contact me via this forum private message facility. You may instead wish to just pay a subscription, such as 5/month, and get software that will do this for you. You'll need a few roach-traps setup to catch any that come in through shared drains.You want to stay within a few subway stops of your office; the subway is absolutely fantastic, and is currently only 1 yuan per single ride - that's about 10p! Arrange this BEFORE you go to China, websites are blocked remember, including VPN software websites in most cases! When I was living abroad before I used Hot Spot, which was free and decent enough but very slow. TBH I'm not very high maintenance - a bed, a bathroom, electricity and the internet are about all I need. Get someone from the company to help you with this, after pestering them for an accommodation allowance, which you could include in a revised suggested salary offer.

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