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-Their favourite "hobby" is shopping, fashion and cosmetics (aka consumerism)... Approach girls that are standing around, not frowning and if they give eye contact smile then you are definitely going somehwere.

Looks like he's a new member who is try to contribute positively.

You join one of these meets ups to learn something not for the women, because if you go for the sake of women you will be hugely disappointed, like I said you will meet some of the ugliest guys and girls at these socials. Also enroll in a part time college program at like seneca or george brown (its like 300 bucks), and you have access too poon from all ages.

Basically back into college and you could careless about the marks, though I recommend you do a language course or something, at least learn something lol.

Be part of a social circle, as long as they "know of you", you do not need to be "bros" or "family" with these people as long as they know you exist and you say hi/are nice when you are there that is good enough.

However a lot of "meetsup", "dance lessons" (salsa for example) are filled with honestly the ugliest girls and guys I have ever seen, however there is always at least one girl that is bangable (I did not saw hot lol).

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