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The original line-up played dozens of gigs across Britain, and even released some new material, which fans were pleased to find was not a part of their live sets.

Coxon was said to have been looking forward to the renuion shows, particuarly getting to play all the old songs people had forgotten.

His restless playing style – all chord slides, rapid pulloffs, mini-arpeggios and fractured runs – seems to owe more to his saxophone training than any conventional guitar tuition." Coxon was born in Rinteln, Lower Saxony, where his father, Bob Coxon, was stationed as a clarinet player and band leader in the British Army.

As a child, he moved first to Spondon, near Derby, a period during which he became a fan of Derby County.

When quizzed on the breakup, Coxon admitted he was fed up of playing second fiddle in the band, and wanted to be known as more than "the guy with the glasses from Bleugh".

In a separate interview, the rest of the band were asked about whether they would miss Coxon: After five minutes of thoughtful silence, Damon Albarn replied; "is that the guy with the glasses?

His innovative guitar style was described by journalists of the era as "one of the most important aspects of Bleugh's sound, but not quite as important as the singing".

During the band's early years Coxon was quite happy to work in the background; never bothering to write songs, talk in interviews or brag about how they were better than Oasis, which his bandmates all took great pleasure in.

Many in the music presses remarked that this shy, humble rockstar persona was similar to the role originally fulfilled by George Harrison in the Beatles, and that the only difference was that Harrison was considerably better at it.

On later albums, Coxon tried his hand at writing and was widely noticed for the reasonable quality of his output.

He also took on the role of frontman for some of the band's lesser known hits, such as the one with the video about the milk carton, and that other one.

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Graham Coxon was born in Germany but grew up in England.

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