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Instead of receiving a grand prize or fortune, you will lose every cent that you send to a scammer. Even worse, many of these scams are designed SPECIFICALLY to steal your banking and other personal information… after which the fraudsters cash in by stealing from you or holding your data for ransom.

And if you have provided other personal details, your identity could be misused too. Fact is, if you didn’t enter a contest, or buy a ticket, there’s no way you are a lawful, legal winner of ANYTHING…

These premium rate calls can be very expensive, and the scammers will try to keep you on the line for a long time or ask you to call a different premium rate number. The only way for you to ever recover any money is to convince other people to join and to part with their money as well.

People are often persuaded to join by family members or friends.

We hope this book will increase your awareness of the vast array of scams that target Canadians and share with you some easy steps you can take to protect yourself.

In Canada, it is a crime to promote a pyramid scheme or even to participate in one.If you or your business is selling products or services online or through newspaper classifieds, you may be targeted by an overpayment scam.In response to your advertisement, you might receive a generous offer from a potential buyer and accept it. and your identity and maybe your money — have been stolen.You cannot be chosen as a random winner if you don't have an entry.Many lottery scams try to trick you into providing your banking and personal details to claim your prize.

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You receive payment by cheque or money order, but the amount you receive is more than the agreed price. Business people should watch out for Overpayment scams, which work on the same basic principle.

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