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If orientation is not critical, symmetrical designs can then be used to prevent defects.Contact methods are useful in situations which encourage mistakes.Fabreeka brings nearly a century of experience providing vibration isolation and shock control solutions for customers worldwide.Incorporated in 1918, Fabreeka worked with engineers at Goodyear and MIT to develop the original Fabreeka pad, a preformed fabric pad used in impact shock and vibration control.

The rate of incorrect receipt closures to the supplier had been ninety percent. Since the poka-yoke implementations, there have been zero batch process failures. The error rate was twenty-two percent but dropped to zero percent.All that is needed is a way to ensure that the error is investigated and corrected in a timely manner.Poka-yokes can be as simple as a steel pin on a fixture that keeps incorrectly placed parts from fitting properly, or they can be as complex as a fuzzy logic neural network used to automatically detect tool breakage and immediately stop the machine.Realizing its value as an effective quality control technique, he formalized its use in Japanese manufacturing as the poka-yoke system.One hundred percent inspections catch unacceptable products but do nothing to improve the process.

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