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How else will you meet someone if you’re not online like everyone else? (Single folks everywhere – you’re welcome.) So I’m quitting online dating for now.

For those playing the "forgiveness" card - Forgiveness does NOT mean one escapes the consequences of their actions in this life.

No, it is not because my knight in shining armor came galloping in, stage left, on his white horse, sweeping me off my feet and up onto the back of the horse with one chiseled, romance-novel strong arm, and then off we rode on a sandy beach as the sun set to live happily ever after. It started with a phone call from my father in November 2014.

Let’s start at the beginning of my entry into the world of online dating.

My last internet date also took me to the Williamsburg waterfront. I never tried Match, JDate, Lava Life, e Harmony, Bumble, or Coffee Meets Bagel. I am Celiac, a fact that I have explained on hundreds of dates."It's the real thing, not part of the gluten-free fad," I say.

The man on the first date had been seven years older than me. In between the two freelancers, I went on hundreds of dates. What happened was that I had stopped being able to fake it, to push my way through to intimacy with strangers. One week in, I've learned that I really enjoy not hearing from strangers.

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