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This was the only version to have returning champions.In the 1970s weekly version, each tune was worth 0 in prizes (usually, a contestant who got six won a car on the nighttime version), and any contestant who named all seven tunes won ,000 in prizes.However, the player could pass on a tune by buzzing in and saying "pass".If time remained on the clock after all tunes were played, the contestant could attempt the passed tune(s) again.Red Benson (1952-June 1954)Bill Cullen (September 1954-March 1955)George De Witt (September 1955-1959)Richard Hayes (1970-1971)Dennis James (1974-1975, daytime)Tom Kennedy (1974-1981, syndicated/1977, daytime)Jim Lange (1984-1985) The contestants stand across the stage from two large ship's bells and the band starts playing tunes.

In three of the five pilot shows, the contestants spun the wheels themselves to determine their own fate, one contestant manned the inner wheel, and the other spun the outer.Then Addis opened the selected envelope, handed "The 0,000 Pianist" (depending on the version, either Michel Mencien or Joe Harnell) the sheet music for the song, and handed Tom a sealed business-size envelope.The pianist then played the song while a 30-second timer counted down; once the timer reached 10 seconds, the piano player stopped, and the contestant in the booth had to guess the song's exact title before the timer expired; the contestant was only allowed to give one answer.When it went to series, it was reverted back having Jim do both jobs since the wheel was enlarged.Finally there were originally three "Double" spaces on the outer wheel in the pilots, but it was reduced to one in the series.

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