Justification for updating clearquest feature level

I know, I wouldn't work at any place who used clearcase as their source control.Heck, I would gladly suffer the pain of VSS to avoid clearcase.You can find a good comparison between Clear Case and Git in my SO answer: "What are the basic Clear Case concepts every developer should know?

At which point you have an unmaintained mess of scripts with quirks.Because I'm currently struggling to learn IBM Rational Clear Case, I'd like to hear your professional opinion.I'm particularly interested in advantages/disadvantages compared to other version-control-systems like Subversion or Git.The other aspect to take into account is its centralized aspect (even though it can be "distributed" with its multi-site replicated VOB feature) If the network does not allow access to the VOBs, the developers can: As mentioned in "How to Leverage Clear Case’s features", dynamic views are great (a way to see data through the network without having to copy them to the disk), but the main feature remain UCM: it can be a real asset if you have big project with complex workflow.Some shortcomings on that front: Clear Case right management is entirely built on system rights.

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