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Yoon Eun Hye a joué le rôle secondaire d'une ancienne petite amie du riche Lee Minki dans la sitcom "Rainbow Romance" ("La romance de l'arc-en-ciel"), avant de devenir l'un des invités réguliers du spectacle de variétés "X-Man" sur la chaîne SBS.Quand elle passait dans "X-Man" elle a été impliquée dans un scandale amoureux, diffusé dans la presse, avec le chanteur de musique pop coréenne Kim Jong Kook."Eight Peaks" a déjà commencé les préparatifs nécessaires pour le tournage de la suite, en vue d'une diffusion fin 2007 ou début 2008.Les acteurs comme Yoon Eun Hye et Kim Jeong Hoon devraient réapparaître dans . I served in Kyeonggi Province, 2nd artillery brigade, armed forces. When I was in active duty, I even wore a beret and acted cool, but when I went to training for the armed reserves we were set up in front of a supermarket. For some reason, I get the feeling you picked on your junior soldiers a lot. [Laughs] Managing such expensive equipment, if you relax your discipline, an accident occurs. I dated a couple of women until recently, but they didn’t continue for long. I think pretty women are less likely to have insecurity complexes. Women who are pretty who know how to respect elders.The film was able to run and everyone received applause for it, but perhaps it’s fitting to say that it ended with merely a smile. Yesterday, I’d come out of a massage and a woman got out of a Benz and handed me her car keys. I handed her keys back and said, “I don’t work here,” but she didn’t recognize me through the end. ” As he said, “At times like this, we should try switching places,” he tried to look at my notebook. When eating sashimi, I find it gross so I have put it into a leaf or something to cover the fish’s eyes while I eat. [Laughs] To be honest, whenever those rumors pop up, it’s not a bad feeling. ” Answer: Ja Myung Go) to geography (“What’s the capital of Canada?It’s disappointing that it didn’t meet with a clean finish, but I think if we wait, we may hear good news. It makes me want to explain my troubles to “무릎팍도사” [Golden Fishery], “People don’t recognize me.” Now tipsy, Kang Ji-hwan lets loose with questions like “People say not to become friendly with reporters, but do real reporters backstab? The agency president sitting next to him, Kim Jung-hee, laughed, “Oh, our curious boy is showing his true side.” Sometimes he’s demanding in a cute way, and the thought occurred to me that this sly personality was the real Kang Ji-hwan. What’s the truth of the dating rumors with you and Go Hyun-jung or Kim Haneul? ”) to film-centric (“Who’s the famous music director who worked on films ‘Cinema Paradiso’ and ‘The Untouchables’?

As an actor, I’ve received positive response from it, so I’m not hugely bothered about it. There are too many to list them all, but the questions range from basic pop culture (“What’s the Jung Ryeo-won drama that may end early?

a perdu l'un de ses membres suite à un scandale, Yoon Eun Hye a été choisie pour la remplacer.

Elle a enregistré 4 albums avec le groupe avant de le quitter en juillet 2005 pour poursuivre une carrière d'actrice.

Les premiers chiffres d'audience ont été moyens, mais au fur et à mesure de la diffusion des épisodes, l'audimat a grimpé jusqu'à atteindre près de 30 % au niveau national, ce qui a conduit à prolonger la première saison (de 20 à 24 épisodes) et à diffuser une émission spéciale ", diffusée pour le quarante-cinquième anniversaire de la chaîne MBC; cependant, l'audience a progressivement augmenté jusqu'à atteindre 15, 6% pour le dernier épisode.

Le 24 novembre 2006, "Eight Peaks" (l'entreprise de production de qui a profité des retombées de la première série.

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