Karibu dating

No matter who you are or what you want, we will add our travel expertise to your dreams to create an unforgettable AFrican adventure expedition, a relaxing break – or both.

Sunny Safaris is proud to be your host for the duration of your unforgettable African adventure.

We offer wide range of tailor made SAFARIS Accommodated lodge safaris, luxury tented camp safaris, Adventure Camping safaris in 2 man tent, a combination of lodge and camping safaris.

All tours are lead by accomplished Sunny Safaris guide.

They are always successful in their aim of getting you safely and happily to the summit under their professional licenses.

Your guide will be present at the pre-climb briefing in Sunny Safaris’ office.

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Sportive Trips Why stick to the usual ways of getting around when you can do something completely different and experience the world from the back of a camel or the seat of a canoe.

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