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Does the group blind date idea come as a culture shock? i have been for two years in korea, and i have a lot of friends, but no real dating unfortunately.having something casual is do-able, but starting a relationship is even for koreans in between 20-30 next to impossible. Yesterday, I asked my students what the weather was like outside.For instance, 90% of students tend to be male in engineering departments.And so, engineering students usually team up with women's university students to go on their MTs together. Both Gwa-tings and MTs were also seen in 'Reply 1994.'Pairing off after a gwa-ting with the ladies from not dance but commerce majors.

For example, a flashback scene in 'Gentleman's Dignity,' with the four men sitting opposite three unattractive ladies until lo and behold, one beauty comes in late, grabbing all of the attention.

Particularly if you're a college student, obligations like studying and employment start to take over and dating becomes a luxury you can't really afford. Let me explain: Meetings are an integral part of Korea's campus culture.

But fret not, for Korea's dating culture has responded with an ingenious solution: "Meetings." No, these aren't meetings in any conventional sense of the word. In a meeting, a mediator introduces his or her group of friends to another group of friends of the opposite gender.

Though these meetings hardly produce couples, they're a good way for people to warm up to unfamiliar faces within their departments.

The second category of gwa-tings is the MT (membership training).

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