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The drinks were said to have consisted of plant ash, a rich source of calcium that is known to help improve bone growth.

Heightened calcium levels are common in excavated gladiators, so this idea is not too farfetched. Considering it was nothing but ash and water, it would have been incredibly bitter, but adding vinegar would have given it a much more pleasant taste.

The texts were incredibly common and widely available to rich and poor alike.

It is believed that the situations described were for role playing, which students would act out to get a feel for the material and speech.

By testing ice cores in Greenland, climatologists are capable of measuring the amount of methane in the atmosphere going back centuries.

Methane was at natural levels until 100 BC, when it shot up and remained sky high until AD 1600.

This, along with human feces used as fertilizer, would have led to massive breakouts.

While Ancient Rome is pictured as an era of extreme gluttony of all sorts, the massive feasts of exotic delicacies were, unfortunately, only for the upper class.

Starting with the infamous Caligula and the later famed bestiarii Carpophorus, the gladiator games became an excuse to showcase the brutality of man and the world.It is said that statues of Zeus in Olympia were built using these fines.The Greek sophist Philostratus once lamented the state of athletics, saying that trainers “have no regard for the reputation of the athletes but become their advisers on buying and selling with a view to their own profits.” The Roman gladiator games date back to 247 BC, when two brothers decided to celebrate their father’s legacy by hosting a fight between their slaves. The ultimate superpower, the Roman Empire united the world in ways never seen before or since.However, while we know about the excessive lives led by its upper class and its rulers, the nuances of day-to-day life by the different Roman people are less well known.

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The most shocking act Carpophorus trained his animals to do, however, was rape human prisoners on command for the shock and awe of those in the colosseum.

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