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It’s OK if I don’t find out what his five-year plan is after the first date; I’ll have time to find that out on the second or third date!

I wear a lot of hats running my business; I am the accountant, the social media manager, the customer service agent, and the designer.

As my own boss and entrepreneur, I am constantly thinking of new systems to get repetitive tasks done with more ease and minimal time.

Jenné Lombardo, founder of the marketing firm Terminal Presents, says that she “questions everything,” asking herself, “How can I make this better; how could we be operating at maximum efficiency?

” Amoruso also maximized her time by using templates for her e Bay shop to make things go more quickly and smoothly Time, everyone keeps telling me, is my greatest value.

But I have learned that, in dating, efficiency shouldn’t always be your top priority. I hadn’t been able to fit in exercise beforehand, so I asked this poor guy if we could take a long walk for our first date.

That way I can get my exercise and laundry done, and there is no competition for my time. By the end of the date, I made a point to know how many siblings the guy had, where he was from, where he went to college, what he did for work, what he really wanted to do for work, if he was religious, and what he liked to do with his free time.

My mission to ask all the revealing questions left no room for playful banter or fun conversation.

I take great joy in being a #Girlboss myself, having started my own company within the past year.

Sure, efficiency is a boon for women in the professional world, but dating sometimes takes the long way around, and that’s not a bad thing. Tina Fey says in her book, “In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.” I have lived by this advice in my professional life, but, surprise, surprise, dates are not interviews.

Rather than economizing on my dates, I find that it’s helpful to reserve one evening a week for dates and a few hours on the weekend for a coffee date. For far too long, I had a list of questions that I would run through.

When I meet a new guy, I tend to fall into boss mode and take the date planning into my own hands.

I want to get the date on my calendar to make sure it fits into my perfectly planned schedule.

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After all, does it really matter what his five-year plan is if our personalities clash in the end?

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