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She is excellent at helping clients see the other side of any situation, and has an incredibly intuitive nature with an honest and friendly approach.Nicole’s clients are inspired when speaking with her and feel that her advice continues to change their lives for the better.She specializes in helping male clients better understand women, build communication and conflict resolution skills as well as image consulting.Kai’s clients think of her as their relationship personal trainer and consider her an important ally.

Not only do men and woman have entirely different ways of thinking and expressing their feelings, every person is unique and handles things based on personal experiences.I recently had a client that was putting all of his efforts into pursuing literally any woman that he saw.He felt that he was ready to settle down, and could not understand why all his tactics were not working.The Love Listeners are at the ready to be the support and help you need, for those truly wanting to find and lovingly maintain a solid relationship.This group of lovely, talented and beautiful women includes Nicole, Kai and Natasha, and each member of this trio comes with years of experience in the art of matchmaking and expert abilities in the area of love.

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